Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 12 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 12 Excerpt:

Morality can be one hell of a strong driving force. It can push you out of the driver’s seat, take complete control of the steering wheel and hijack the GPS that decides in which direction your life is going to go.

But it’s nothing—absolutely nothing—when pitted against desire. Especially one that’s been fed for years, an ache that’s grown stronger every second it was denied what it wants.

Lexi is that for me. The ideal. The unattainable fantasy that’s finally being attained.

She leads me straight back to the couch and I let her. There’s no choice but to allow her. She’s gripping that steering wheel tight in her hands.

I have no clue where she’s taking this—me—but I’ll let her do whatever she wants with me.

I’m hers.

She might as well have one hand wrapped around my cock as she leads me; that’s how absolute her control over me is right now.

I should be worried over how easily she’s grabbed control of me.

I’m not. As long as her hands are on me, anywhere, that’s all that matters to me.

The back of my legs hit the couch. She pushes down on my shoulders. I fall onto it, eyes on her. My hands itch to reach for her, feel that ass again. I fist them, almost shaking with the effort of keeping my self-control engaged.


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