Systematic Siege #1 Chapter 10 Now Up on Wattpad!


Chapter 10 Excerpt:

Her eyes flicker all over my face, pausing at my mouth.

“And when I start dating you, Lexi, I’m not fucking hiding you from anybody.”

Her juicy lips part and my cock throbs painfully for them.

Soon, I’ll have those lips all over my naked body. Wrapped around the swollen tip of my dick.

I throb in my shorts again at the thought, my tip slick against my briefs. Tightening my hands around hers, I breathe through the rush of desire, reminding myself that I’m doing the right thing by waiting.

I’ve never waited for a girl. Never had to. This shit is already proving to be harder than I thought it was going to be. I’ve never done “right” by a girl. I want to with her. The reminder is the only thing that keeps me steady.

She wiggles her fingers, signaling that she wants me to let her hands go. I do, but it takes a shitload more effort than is normal. Smoothing her hands across my shoulders, Lexi steps closer, looking up at me with those sexy, open, vulnerable eyes that somehow scream at me to do her.

My body shoots tights with tension.

“Are you serious right now? Or are you just playing with me?” she asks softly.


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