Stalker (Psycho #1) Exclusive Teaser!

Releasing 2/14/18 as part of the Bad Boy Billionaires Box Set!


“You can’t force me to work for you!”

In the back of my mind, it registers that we’re still standing out here. Sure, it’s night time, and the rain is pouring down all around us. Someone would have to be crazy to be out in this.

As crazy as the little spitfire currently glaring at me.

We can be caught. Someone can take pictures or overhear our current argument. My father’s warning of no more impulsivity rings through my mind.

“Emma, why are you quitting? Be honest with me.”

She deflates before me, her hand twitching in my grip. “God damn it, I don’t want to quit—”

“Then don’t.”

“But I must, Brock. Look, I thought I could handle the stress of the position, but it’s too much for me. Okay?”

“Bullshit,” I retort. “I’ve seen you in action. You’re amazing and you thrive on it.”

Her kiss swollen, shiny lips part. “I’m—you think I’m amazing?”

Damn it. every time her tone softens like that, I want to eat every inch of her up. My teeth fucking ache from the strain of grinding them so often. “Absolutely. And I can’t do this without you.”

The way she looks up at me, those big, light eyes once again swimming with vulnerability . . .

And it’s fucking real. It’s part of her.

Just like the malicious creature that got off on making Selene suffer as well.

I want them both. I’ll burn down the entire world to have a taste of them.

“You can find another assistant. One better qualified—”

I tug her closer. “No.” When she tries to look away, I duck my head and meet her eyes. “I can’t do this without you, and that’s not something I tell anyone lightly.” Hell, I’ve never actually told anyone that before.

“Oh God,” she whimpers, momentarily pressing her hand to her damp forehead. After only a small hesitation, she groans up towards the sky and faces me again. “Okay. Fine. I won’t quit. But this thing between us has to stop.”

That’s almost laughable. I place her hand on my chest, where my shirt is wet from the rain that clung to her. She inhales sharply at the as my heart thunders against her palm. I take advantage of her distraction and wrap my other hand around the back of her nape.

Before she can try to get away, I pull her back in and give her a hard, quick kiss.

“Brock,” she whines against my lips.

I slide her hand down my chest and abs. My breath hisses out against her lips the closer she gets to my erection.

“Don’t. Please—”

I kiss her to shut her the fuck up and force her hand around my dick. The needy moan that leaves me would be embarrassing, if I wasn’t so consumed with the violence pounding in my veins.

I’m going to break this virgin the day I fuck her. Even if I try not to, it’ll be inevitable.

She whimpers into our kiss, clutching my cock through my jeans. “Oh God, you’re so big.”

“So fucking hard for you,” I agree, sucking on her bottom lip. “I need this, Emma.”

“You said you need me to work for you.”

“I need both.”

It’s obvious how she tries to fight with herself, but she can’t pull away from our kiss. From my dick. “Emma, what do you want? You want me to beg for it?”

“No, that’s not—”

I press my lips to hers. That contact alone makes me throb in her grip again. “Please, Emma.”

She freezes. “What?” she whispers, still mouth-to-mouth with me, sharing the same air.

Have I ever been this close with a woman before?

It doesn’t fucking matter. I’m not close enough to this one and my skin itches with the need to be all over her.

“Please,” I repeat, rubbing our lips together. “I think you’re driving me even crazier than I already am.”

Her lips burst into a smile and she gives me that sweet giggle of hers. “Ditto, buddy. Ditto.”

I can’t help but return her smile.

Her breath hitches at the sight of it, but it doesn’t stop her from straightening away from me.


“Fine, I’ll come to work tomorrow,” she mumbles.

Triumph roars through my veins.

I pull out my phone and text my driver to come around with the car. “I’ll have Quentin drive you. It’s pouring outside.”

“But about us, Brock—”

I tug her back to my lips. “Just be at work tomorrow. Everything else we can take one step at a time.”


I force her to squeeze my dick one last time. “This is yours, Emma. And you’re going to have it.”

Her breath leaves her on a light whoosh. “Holy . . . fuck . . .”

“I suggest you start getting used to that.” With that, I release her, before the temptation to fuck her right on the patio railing becomes too much.


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