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Shattered Spirit Episode 2: Destruction

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I jerk, my mind slamming back to the present, my heart hammering and pumping blood hotly through my veins.

I swallow and the saliva gets stuck in my throat, refusing to move past the rock sized lump in there. If anyone looks my way, they’ll see how wide my eyes are, how fast my chest is moving—the tears that are suddenly trying to escape my unblinking eyes.

Sector Nineteen made damn sure to break me. I didn’t understand why at first, but now I do.

You can’t build a new building on top of an old one. First, the old one must be demolished.

Not that they had a lot of demolishing to do. Kane sent me away, kicked me out of his life, and after the Mancini’s captured me, there wasn’t much left for Sector Nineteen to destroy.

They rebuilt me. Turned me into something stronger. Better.


And in a single instant, I’ve lost all of that, weakness overtaking every part of me.

Heat crawls up the nerves in my back, making the hairs stand on end.

A heat so familiar.

A heat so missed.

“Look at me, Sienna,” that voice commands, stroking the syllables of my name and warping it into something exotic.

Something desired.

I close my eyes, my fists clenching, teeth grinding as I try to control the whirlwind of emotion his voice awakes in me.

How do I turn to look at him if his voice alone does this to me?

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