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Ryze Series Glossary of Terms

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Abideos –The Chamber of Souls; inside Renentr.

Aeleth – Ale-like beverage brewed in Katgin, realm of the mind demons.

Aristi – Soul Orbs.

Aviraji – Corrupted gods who want full control over the universe.

ceFtut – Monsters created when the Aviraji combined the DNA of the worst creatures in the universe.

Cian – Realm of the Elves

Cianye – Elves

Dixieme Eductu – Ultimate Lesson – Melting of the ice sheets that submerged hundreds of ancient kingdom;

beginning of the last great war.

Enzyria – The Ryze’s domain.

Erencei – Demons.

Etaeryb – Mind-meld/mental connection.

Fort’em – Brother.

Fieren – Illness resulting from an unrequited mating.

Gnetica – Shield that hides things from human eyes.

Haklanayasas – The dream realm/Nylicia’s realm.

Hyren – Werewolf.

Illion – The source of all things in the universe.

Ilran – Emotionally vampiric subspecies of demons.

Ixalir – The Aviraji’s domain.

Katgin – Land of the mind demons.

Kremia – Calyptsia, Goddess of Rage, realm.

Kystm – The veils, or barriers, between dimensions.

Laussane – Champagne-like alcoholic beverage.

Me’ren – My son.

Me’lyz – My daughter.

Otificas – Chamber of Powers; inside Renentr.

Prophexia – Prophesied female.

Prophexi – Prophesied male.

R’ma – Female mate.

R’mann – Male mate.

R’mannev – Mating between two beings.

Refluth – Monsters created when the Aviraji combined the DNA of the worst creatures in the universe.

Renentr – The main underworld/Crius’s realm.

Ritrio –The Empire of Blood, one of humanity’s earliest empires.

Ritrioan – People from Ritrio, Dimithinia’s people.

Ryze – Defenders of the universe; nemesis of the Aviraji.

Sesengt – Guardians who watch over the universe and all its dimensions.

Sethrax – Land of the war demons.

Sivigh – Door to the Underworld of Renentr.

Terets – Weapons, molecule destabilizers.

Utorou – Portal to the Haklanayasas.

Vy’shi – Reality benders/ Witches and Warlocks

Zethal – Land of the peace demons.

Ziaphrite – Mating ritual.

Zyt’is – Sister

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