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Radish Updates ♥

This one’s for all my amazing—and so freaking loyal—Radish readers.

Thank you so much for waiting for me through the difficult road leading to my baby’s heart surgery. As I swore up and down I would be, I’m back, I’m getting organized, and all my stories will be finished ASAP.

As of right now, completing Dorian and Demi’s story is priority. The final season of their story starts tomorrow.

Is that the end of “Seducing My Friend’s Daughter?”


I have a ton of other stories on hold on Radish, and they will each be tackled.

Here is the list of what’s next for all my serial stories (this list is in order of importance, as my baby is still healing and I will be writing as much as I can around my daily schedule):

  • Seducing My Friend’s Daughter Season 5 will introduce Calum and Liv’s story. This story isn’t available anywhere since I took the books down to revamp them, and you’ll be getting it first.

  • Taking Her From Him Season 2 (and the final season)

  • Finish Damaged Gods Season 2. Silence is about to get extended big time, and I plan to post it for you guys before the Extended Version is released.

  • Finish Twisted Revenge Season 3.

Do I have more than this? Of course! But my main goal is to finish every single thing I left hanging before I move onto the new stuff 🥰

Including an Exclusive to Radish Dark Romance that I’m keeping hush hush for now 😇



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