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Hating The Rules Episode 6

Read episode 6 here:

Calum leaned forward and kissed my bare pussy lips, keeping his eyes on me the whole time. Both his kiss and his stare pierced right through me, and a pained gasp left me as I grabbed onto the back of the couch with one hand.

“I love your pussy.” He licked at me like some kind of starving beast, the sounds he made, and the sight of his tongue against my slick flesh reawakening my hunger for him.

Undulating, I pressed my pussy right to his mouth, greedily riding each lap of his tongue.

He sucked on my clit, humming around it. When I fisted his hair, rotating my hips, he tightened his grip on my ass and forced me to move faster.

My clit throbbed with need, the tension gathering. Calum nipped lightly at it, eating me as if he couldn’t get enough.

Close. So fucking close. Right there . . .

He pulled back, cheeks flushed, lips swollen and glistening with my arousal.


“Get on your knees. I want my dick in your mouth.”

My pussy spasmed at his words, hungry. I was torn between dragging his face back to my pussy and dropping to my knees as he’d ordered.

For the umpteenth time that night, he simply lifted me, forcing me to do as he willed. He gently dropped me onto my knees on the floor.

I didn’t have a chance to tell him what I thought of his treatment.

On my knees, mouth parted, I watched as he shot to his feet and yanked off the black t-shirt he’d been wearing.

Side note: Calum didn’t go to the gym to maintain. Not since I’d met him, anyway. He went to the gym to push himself, and the last few months had been so good to him.

The mere sight of his naked torso was enough to drive me mindless. By the time his shoes and jeans were off, and his rock-hard dick was bared, I’d forgotten all about my ire.

All that mattered was getting my hands on him. My mouth on his shaft.

He sat back down on the couch and reached to grab the back of it with one hand. Legs spread, abs clenched, and the muscles of his raised arm flexed, he stared down at me as he gripped the base of his cock.

He started playing with it, up and down, slow movements that weren’t just meant to tease only him.

He was offering it to me, showing me what he was about to give me.


I moaned at the sight of his swollen veins and throbbing dick. He slowly fucked his fist, squeezing his cockhead.

A small bead of precum leaked from it.

“Come here, baby. Lick it.”

Crazed for him—wild with hunger for his cum—I practically launched myself onto his lap and pushed his hand out of my way. I gave his length one long lick, from base to tip, lapping at the bead of liquid on the crown.

Calum groaned in anticipation, his head punching back into the couch.

Throat bared. Muscles straining. His thighs quivering as I licked the other side of his dick.

I moaned at his taste, the same one I’d become addicted to, and wrapped my lips around his tip. When I sucked on it, hard, as if I was trying to force more precum out of him, Calum’s head fell forward, his expression agonized.

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