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Hating The Rules Episode 5

Read episode 5 here:

Nails digging into the sofa beneath my hands, I mewled, shaking so hard. Calum’s tight grip on my hair left almost no room for movement and the tendons in my neck jumped with the strain. I bit out his name as my pulse beat between my legs, around his fingers. “Calum.”

“Shit. You’re about to come.” His thumb teased my back entrance again and another shudder went through my body. “Has anyone ever had you like this?” he asked in a rough tone.

When I didn’t answer, he used his thumb to play with me some more, rubbing in circles that drove me mad.

“Answer me, Liv.”

“No,” I gasped out, thighs quaking.

“Has anyone touched you here before?” Another delicious stroke that sent bolts of pleasure all the way down to my clit.

Another desperate sound left me. “No one. Oh, baby—”

“Not even you, Liv?”

I couldn’t focus. “I . . . I . . . shit, Calum. Please. Fuck me.”

He pulled on my hair, sending small shocks of pain racing down my body to combine with the pleasure he was giving me between my legs. “I asked you a question, Liv. Do you play with yourself here?”

“Yes, sometimes!” I cried out, skin so hot, going out of my damned mind.

“I’ve never done this before, either.”

What? What kind of stupid woman wouldn’t give him that?

I wanted to give him that. So damned badly. “Yours.” I pushed back against his hand once more and rotated my hips. “Take me. Any way you want me.”

“Fuck.” He shifted behind me, but didn’t move his fingers the way I needed him to. He left his thumb pressed against my hole, so that every move I made with my hips ended up teasing me more.

“Look at you,” he groaned. “Look at how beautiful you are.”

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