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Hating The Rules Episode 4

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“Hey. Liv. No, come here.” He moved back toward me, his hand circling around my bare thigh. Taking a deep breath, as if steadying himself, he locked eyes with me, brows knit. “Tell me you do care.”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I asked, still whispering.

It was too much. The admission cost me more than he’d ever know, and for it to be forced from me in such a public place . . .

My eyes dropped.

He scared me. I would probably never confess that to him, but the things he made me feel were too much. I wasn’t ready. Hadn’t been when I’d met him. He’d just barreled into my life and taken all the control from me, leaving me and my issues floundering.

“Livana.” He said my name so softly, hand tightening around my thigh. The other one came up and gently tilted my head until I had no choice but to meet his eyes.

What I saw there almost made me recoil.

His expression was set in harsh lines.

It was turbulent.

No, violent.

Calum pulled me closer, nuzzling his nose against mine. “Baby, you have no idea what it does to me to know that.” His lids lowered, eyes focusing on my mouth with so much sudden hunger that I gasped. “What you do to me.”

“I–I don’t?” I asked, right before his lips landed on mine. My heart ached at the soft way he sucked on my lips, moaning in the back of his throat with every swipe of his tongue against me. As if he was savoring me. Slowly eating me.

My core went molten, pounding like I’d never had him before and this was the first time he’d kissed me.

Calum bit at my lip then raised his lids so that all I saw were his eyes. “I want you, Livana. More than I think I’ve ever wanted anyone.”

Oh God. Oh God.

His hand moved higher on my thigh, thumb brushing against my mound. “There’s something I want to do to you. Will you let me?”

After what he’d just confessed to me? I’d give him anything he wanted at that moment.

He’d broken open something with his statement—exposed a need I’d buried deep inside me. Made me so damned vulnerable and aroused that for the second time that night, I found myself shaking uncontrollably.

“Whatever you want, Calum.” I grabbed onto his bicep with both hands, needing to hold onto something. “Anything.”

He made a pleased sound at that, a groan so male that my walls rippled with want. “I’ve never done something like this before.” He brought me closer with one hand splayed across my lower back, until we were as close as we could be while sitting in the booth.

I trembled at his words. Something he’d never done before, and he wanted to do it with me? “God, Calum.” Head falling back, I groaned. “Yes. Do it.”

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