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Hating The Rules Episode 2

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“Livana, look at me,” Calum urged gently, his thumb caressing the side of my jaw.

I mewled quietly at his touch, suddenly starving for him. As always. He knew just how to touch me, just how to talk to me, to drive me wild.

Not that it helped me find the courage that had so thoroughly abandoned me. My eyes remained on his shoulder. The fear of seeing any censure in his gaze suffocated me.

When did it start to matter so much to me?

Did it mean that he’d started to matter too much to me?

I literally saw the word duh flashing before my eyes.

“Livana, baby, you’re being a little—”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Calum Alexander,” I snapped. “I’m trying to get over it.”

His low chuckle made me clench my fists. Then, his hands were on my hips, fingertips sliding back to lay on my ass. He urged my knees apart with his body, then pressed his hips against my own.

Warm breath ghosted across my mouth a split second before his lips lightly brushed mine.

My lips parted on a gasp.

“Kiss me, baby,” he murmured against them.

Instinct snapped free, drowning everything out. My hands fisted his shirt, pulling him even closer, and I blindly sought out his mouth.

Dizzying heat. The firmness of his lips. Drugging sweeps of his tongue as it slid into my mouth.

I’d experienced it maybe a thousand times or more in the last four months.

I had already realized that I’d never get enough.

Calum groaned, slanting his head to get deeper into my mouth. My legs went weak, but I barely noticed as he flattened his hand on my lower back. His other hand squeezed my ass, kneading it in time to the thrusts of his tongue.

In and out. A perfect reminder. Then he pressed into me, fully, and I didn’t need a reminder. God, no. He was right there, where I needed him most, so damn hard that it still managed to surprise me.

Clothes. They needed to be gone. Now. My pussy tightened, seeking out his length, demanding what she had already claimed as hers, despite my attempts to stay emotionally separated from the situation.

He bit my bottom lip, panting hard. I moaned low at the taste of him, shifting to wrap my legs around his hips—

He pulled back, eyes hooded.

“Calum, please.” Damn, had that needy whine come out of me?

Of course it had.

He never failed to drive me to that point. Never.

“Baby.” Calum wiped the corner of his lip with his thumb. I followed the movement with my eyes, fucking starving. He caught where I was staring and smirked ruefully.

Jesus. I needed to fuck him. Now.

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