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Freebie & Giveaway | Need (Need Series #1)

Genre: New Adult Angst/ Erotic

#FREEBIE ⠀⠀ ➠Start the Need Series for FREE today! ⠀⠀ “This is our truth. The only truth I've ever known, even back when I did everything in my power to deny it to myself. Neither of us can escape the electric pulse that connects us on the most primal fucking level. I'm hers. She's mine. And our bodies know it. Knew it long before our minds could comprehend it.” ⠀⠀ •Amazon US: •Amazon UK: •Amazon CA: •Amazon AU: ⠀⠀ Read books 2 & 3 for free on Kindle Unlimited! ⠀⠀ ➠ Take, Book 2 ⠀⠀ •Amazon US: •Amazon UK: •Amazon CA: •Amazon AU: ⠀⠀ ➠ Own, Book 3 ⠀⠀ •Amazon US: •Amazon UK: •Amazon CA: •Amazon AU:

Book 1 Blurb

I was Kira’s from the first moment I saw her. Maybe it was love at first sight, but I was only ten. She became my best friend. My crush. The girl I can’t live without. But I have to. She was almost mine, but my father took away my chance. Now she lives across the hall from me. Instead of possessing the title of girlfriend, she’s now my stepsister. But that doesn’t stop how I feel, how I want her. Thankfully, I’m off to college two hundred miles away, but even that doesn’t help. She’s under my skin, all around me, and all I can do is watch her morph from a sexy teenager to an irresistible woman. I can’t take it anymore, I need her. Is it possible to ever be happy without the one person you need?

Book 2 Blurb

He broke me. The only man I’ve ever loved. Wrecked me beyond recognition. But I can’t get away from him. Brayden haunts me, persistently. His last name is what he is—a hunter. And I’m his prey. I just want to move on, forget him. But he won’t let me. He’s a whore and I break, letting him in. One hit is a gateway drug, and I’m suddenly unable to stay away. So I take what I need from him. I hate him. I love him. And I don’t even have a fighting chance against him.

Book 3 Blurb

Kira’s finally mine. Mine. And nobody and nothing is going to take her from me. I’ll fight for her, to the death. Do anything for her. There’s no more living without her. No more holding back my feelings. If only it was enough. We’re surrounded every day. Watched. Stalked. Judged. Everyone knows us. Now, they suspect. The odds are stacked against us more than before. We live in the shadows, hiding our love from the entire world. But not for long. I refuse to live like this anymore. I’ll do whatever it takes to own her. I’m waging a dark war against those that stand against us. And I will win. That girl is going to be mine forever, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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