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Damage Owed Episode 5

Episode 5 here:

My brother asks a follow up question. Normally, I’d be the one jumping in to ask a million and one questions, testing my employee’s abilities to the point of frustration, but my phone just vibrated.

And my body is convinced it’s Aria.

Every inch of me flushes with heat, with the basic yet brutal need to fuck hard, and this lack of control would be annoying if it wasn’t so god damned intoxicating.

I let the man walk a bit ahead of me and reach for my phone.

It’s not Aria, and the disappoint I feel isn’t concerning.

No, not at all.

I almost ignore the message from Matthew, yet last minute curiosity leads me to open it.

Matthew: I need you and Brent to do me a huge favor.

He wasn’t at this meeting. He wasn’t at our meeting earlier, either. As a matter of fact, he took the day off today, something that’s unheard of for him.

His full time job as my self-appointed babysitter and missing moral compass leaves no free time for himself.

Or so he takes pleasure in reminding me.

Now he’s texting me in the middle of the work day asking for a favor.

I type out a quick reply, keeping my eyes on the two men and the woman ahead of me.

Chase: What do you need?

Slipping the phone into my pocket, I rush to rejoin the group that left me behind. The rest of the conversation passes by in a blur. A damn shame, really. We’re on the cusp of perfecting an even more advanced cure for cancer. An innovation that, when combined with the new AI interface we’re working on, will solidify our power for decades to come.

I had to buy the core of the software from another technology company in New Jersey, and it’d cost billions. The CEO of Drevlow Systems is a ruthless son of bitch, and he almost milked me for more than I had been willing to give.

But my father is still alive.

Which means that my work here is not done.

Before he leaves this Earth, he will see me take his company into the motherfucking stratosphere. He will experience his last moments and that will be one of the last thoughts in his wretched head.

I swear it on the memory of my mother.

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