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Damage Owed Episode 4

Episode 4 here:

The rest of the board would’ve been briefed on this days before this meeting. They would’ve jumped with joy. Many would’ve popped open a bottle and toasted in celebration. Finally, they had the dirt they needed to initiate a vote to oust me as CEO.

Me? I’m not surprised. Perhaps a little irritated. I was careless with Aria. I should have known they would have someone, or several people, tailing me, spying to find that aforementioned dirt against me.

They think they’ve found it.

When, really, what I’ve done with Aria is nothing compared to what the rest of them have been doing for years.

I chuckle, a first in front of them, yet I can’t help it. Aria’s taste is still on my tongue. I only took her mouth, but it’s a taste that’s so similar to her pussy that I find myself almost getting lost in it again.

Her scent is all over me, too.

And these pathetic, pieces of shit think they’re going to use her against me. That they’ll push me out because she exists and I decided to claim her.

That I’ll be scared enough to come to heel and do what?

Obey them?

Let her go?

Still smiling, I lean back in my seat, letting them see just how unaffected I am by their veiled, empty threats. “As my brother so truthfully pointed out, there is nothing I’ve done with Aria Harrington that could outdo what all of you do in your spare time. Do you want to talk about what you were up to Archie? How about you, Oscar? Ulises?” I take turns staring at every woman and man sitting at the table except my brother and Lori. “How about you? And you?”

No one says anything.

Not a fucking peep.

Even as I can see them choking on their indignation and the wasted chance to bring me down.

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