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Damage Owed Episode 2

Episode 2 here:

Chase: I can't sleep. It’s your fault. I’m so hard I can’t fucking think straight.

Getting myself off became a common thing during my marriage with Douglas, but now that I’ve met Chase? It’s a freaking necessity. I can’t face my day—or my nights—without playing with myself.

Imagining it’s him the whole time.

Why does he do it? Why does he talk to me the way he does?

To be honest.

To be brash.

Because he can.

Because, in his own words, he sees nothing wrong with letting me know what I do to him.

Because, despite the fact that he’s been out of touch with his emotions in the past, the man clearly learned how to seduce a woman, and he’s hellbent on breaking me down again.

Silly man. I’m a sure thing. We will happen. I just need a little more time.

He’s the most dangerous thing I could ever get close to, more dangerous than my husband ever was, but I can’t stop myself. I was never wild in my youth. Now, I’ve tasted what recklessness is like, and I’m afraid there’s no stopping me.

Chase awoke the wild, unhinged girl inside me, and I can’t get her back in her cage.

Even worse? I don’t want to.

I want the adrenaline rush.

I want the high he elicits with his darkness and abnormal behavior.

I want to come all over his dick again so bad that it’s a miracle I haven’t shown up at his office again.

Moving around my kitchen, I resist the urge to check my phone for another message from Chase. It’s becoming an addiction, that little hit of excitement and danger that I get every time I see his name on my screen pulling me in deeper.

I still can't believe it.

A hot CEO, multimillionaire . . . a man who can, and probably has had any woman he wants, and he’s taken an interest in me. Went out of his way and did something that was, honestly, morally reprehensible, to get his chance with me.

He got what he wanted. I gave it to him like so many other women probably have before me.

Most guys are supposed to lose interest after that, aren’t they?

At least that's what I've heard.

And read.

Really, I’m a clueless, almost-virgin, as Hilary once put it.

Our other friend, Charlotte, agrees.

Still, Chase hasn’t disappeared. He won’t go away. He’s making it harder and harder for me to keep my distance.

It’s only been a week and I’m already a mess.

The man is temptation incarnate and even without hearing his voice, his words alone are slowly destroying me.

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