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Damage Owed Episode 1

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Damn him. For a man that was clearly out of touch with his emotions until recently—until me, it seemed—he sure as hell knows how to pluck my own.

Like a fine-tuned guitar. My insides all but sing at the idea that he’s remained consumed by me.

As consumed as I am by him.

Aria: I want to lie to you and tell you I’m not thinking about it, too.

Chase: But you are. I can feel how much you are.

Aria: Feel?

Chase: It’s like you’re all over me. I can feel you remembering last night.

And this morning.

And the night at the club before that.

Heart pounding between my thighs, I cross my legs as tight as I can and bite my bottom lip. He’s going to make me forget everything, including the fact that I’m supposed to be rebuilding my life. Getting it together. Figuring out who the hell I am when I’m not being Douglas’ forgotten wife.

Aria: You’re not lying about that, but my resolve is the same. I can’t rush back to you. I can’t rush into this. I have to focus on myself.

Chase: Why? When I’m so goddamned weak for you. You’re all I think about. All I want. I’m going to lose my fucking mind if I don’t get your pussy in my mouth again.

There’s no holding back the whimper that breaks out of me as I read that. We’re a ticking time bomb, an inevitability that can’t be denied. I know that. I’m not stupid. But for my sake, I have to try. I have to hold him off as much as possible.

Like holding off a raging stampede. I can practically feel the ground shaking with his impending arrival. Can feel the air around me changing with his intent to own me, inside and out.

Aria: You know why. I have to do this. I need more time.

Chase: Because of Douglas.

Aria: Because of YOU.

I wonder in the back of my mind if he’s in a meeting or something. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t called. His claim to sense my desire for him is real. How do I know? Because that connection is hounding me as much as it’s hounding him. I feel his desire to seek me out, any way he can, on every inch of my skin.

Chase: You aren’t lying about that.

My bruised heart skips a beat at his response, but I’m not sure if it’s with dread, or lust for him.

Probably both.

Didn’t I realize weeks ago that I’ll always be both aroused and horrified in his presence?

I wish to all the gods out there that I didn’t love the combination so much.

Aria: We both know you’re bad for me.

Chase: I am.

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