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To Lose You Episode 15

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I shifted and placed a small kiss against her shoulder blade. “No more fighting.” My voice sounded like shit, as if I’d been shouting for hours, almost foreign to me. “Enough. I know everything is crap, but not this. This thing between us is the one thing that’s worth focusing on. Holding onto.”

My girl melted for me even more. “Oh, Dorian.”

I hated that sad tone. The reason it was there.

Sliding out of her, I nearly smiled as another gush left her and she yelped at the sensation. “I promise I’ll clean it up so housekeeping doesn’t have to.”


I lifted her off the table and carried her down the hall.

Exhausted, she was nearly limp in my arms, and when her head rolled heavily onto my shoulder, I couldn’t help but squeeze her tighter. “Where are you taking me, you brute?” Her voice was just as raspy as mine was.

Maybe our screams really were that loud.

A flush of heavy satisfaction coursed through me. This was the first time since we got here that things felt normal between us. That I felt fully connected to her.

“Shower, baby. It’s been a while since we shared one of those.” A few days, actually. But I was on a mission to keep reminding her what we loved about each other, and that included all the little things we shared together.

She was wobbly on her feet when I placed her down next to the large, recessed tub. I worked quickly to get it running, and as the tub began to fill, I focused on getting her dress the rest of the way off.

She was naked underneath, except for two nipples pasties. Those didn’t last long either. Once they were somewhere across the bathroom, I cupped her face and brought her close. “Tell me you love me again,” I said against her lips.

Her baby blues were heavy with drowsiness, but they locked on my stare. “I didn’t say it enough while you were fucking me?”

“It’s never enough. And I want to hear it when we aren’t, as well.” I kissed her softly.

Her hands came up to wrap around my wrists, and her chest shuddered with a breath. “What I feel for you might be too complicated to be just love. It’s too big. It’s everywhere. And . . . Sometimes it hurts too much.”

“Good. We feel the same way about each other. Now say it.”

She burst into sweet laughter against my mouth. “You obtuse man. I just did.”

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