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Breaking The Rules Episode 9

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“I know,” I said gently, nuzzling her cheek.

Liv’s reply was just as gentle.“I still want it.”

Her words made me tense, muscles swelling in anticipation. Was she serious? Would she let me?

I didn’t have to wonder about it for long. Liv shifted, the corner of her mouth sliding across my jaw. I sucked in a breath, more on edge than I’d ever been.



“Kiss m—”

The words hadn’t even finished registering and my body was already complying. I cupped the back of her head, holding her still and brushing my lips with hers. A small, wet exhale left her.

With an answering groan, I brought her even closer and slanted my mouth across hers. Bliss warred with gluttony, the shocks of both racing down my spine.

I was torn between the relief of tasting her again and the paroxysmal stress of how much I wanted her. For the sake of modesty, I tried keeping the kiss as innocent as I could, knowing that one wrong move would make the riot inside me break loose.

The choice was taken out of my hands the moment I felt one small swipe of Liv’s tongue.

My tongue slid into her mouth, connecting wetly with hers. Liv gave a low moan around my lips, one I barely even heard. I almost lost the strength in my legs when I felt her small teeth nipping at my bottom lip.

“Fuck.” I breathed, fighting the urge to just carry her away.

“Do that again,” Liv urged in a voice that nearly made me burst in my pants.

I groaned as the tips of our tongues circled around each other lightly. “Do what?”

“Say fuck again. Just like that. Like you’re dying to eat me.”

I swear to God, the things the girl was making me want. My hands snapped around her ass, groping her and holding her in place. My hips thrust against her, dick desperate for relief.

Here. In the park. In front of anyone that happened to look at us.

“Fuck, Liv.” I cupped her face between my palms and pulled back. “We need to stop. I’m dangerously close to snapping.”

“And doing what?” Lord help me because she had the hungriest look I’d ever seen on a woman’s face.

“If I told you, you might hit me.”

“Or bite you.”

“Liv,” I warned, at the edge of my sanity. “You told me you wanted to wait, but right now I’m about to drag you back to my office and eat you on top of my desk.”

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