Coming 2019! | Stalker (Psycho Series #1)

Updated: Sep 21, 2018


Releasing as part of the Billionaire Bad Boy Box Set Anthology on February 14th 2018!

Genre(s): Dark Romance/ Erotic Thriller

Series: Psycho #1


They say I’m crazy.

Mentally ill.

I’m a selfish asshole.

Which can be a problem when your father is Governor Rolland, retired four-star Marines general.

I’m supposed to be a good boy.

Supposed to uphold our multi-generational family honor.

I’m definitely not supposed to be stalking little Ms. Emma Collins.

The most delicious thing me and my poor dick have ever come across.

She told me no. The first to ever do so.

I tried to let it go. Trust me, I did.

But I can’t.

I’m willing to break every rule—every law—to get her in my bed.

I know I’ll end up ruining her in the process, yet nothing will stop me.

Not even when I realize what a twisted, fucked-up game we’ve all been dragged into.

A game where the murderers we both house within ourselves might lead to the deaths of everyone we know.

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