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Breaking The Rules Episode 4

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I wanted her.

I wanted no one else to have a chance at having her.

That desire was more powerful than my common sense. A dark, thrumming entity that was multiplying through my veins. This was stronger than l’appel du vide. High Place Phenomenon at its worst. I felt more than ready to jump into the abyss for a taste, an unheard of experience for a man of my history.

Liv made her way over to a round booth in the back. It had a high-backed end that curved and hid most of the booth from view of the bar. She slid into it like a quick little nymph, moving fluidly.

I followed her down into the seat, blood roaring.

“So, your brother left you hanging, huh?” she asked. “I think I remember his name is Lucas, right?

“Yes, it’s Lucas. And, yes he did. He lives to make my life impossible.” Although this time he’d had good reason to stand me up, I remind myself.

“Well, isn’t that his job? He’s your little brother, isn’t he?”

“It’s only a two year difference. He takes that job way too seriously,” I grumbled into my glass.

Her answering giggle reminded me of the first night I saw her. How her fun-loving aura drew me in. Fantasies of rolling around naked in bed with her, that giggle in my ear, tormented me.

I couldn’t stop imagining what her pussy would taste like.

How those gorgeous lips would feel wrapped around my cock.

Her lashes fluttered, gaze dropping momentarily to my lips, and I barely held in a hiss as lust overwhelmed every inch of me.

She was there with me.

It was worse than all the fantasies I’d had since seeing her.

She was Margaret’s step-daughter, and all I wanted was to come in every hole of her body.

Desperate to distract myself, I tore my stare away. “So, how is Margaret treating you?” Kind of a little late to ask that—eight years too late—but it was better than dragging her into the first dark corner I found so I could devour her.

Her answering shrug didn’t sit well with me, yet I didn’t have a chance to press further. She took my lead and directed the conversation away from the pulsing tension between us. Next thing I knew, we were discussing Lucas and his antics.

A topic that usually stressed me, but she laughed as I regaled her with his latest drama, and I found myself finding amusement in the situation for the first time in my life.

We were into our third drink when Liv suddenly turned to me, her next comment almost sending me into a panic. “So, Calum. Tell me, is there some girl that’s going to be pissed off because you’re sitting here talking to me? I could’ve sworn I heard you were dating someone at some point.”

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