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Breaking The Rules Episode 3

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A tiny, blonde thing was pacing back and forth in front of the stairs, her agitated steps so fast that she was almost a blur.

A blonde I was fucking sure I knew.

She wore a tight black skirt that reached mid-thigh. A fedora hat sat on her head, straight blonde hair falling beneath it. Her midriff white tank top left a good portion of her abs bared.

I knew that body.

Lord have mercy, I knew that body too well considering I hadn’t seen it naked, yet.

Hadn’t touched it.

Licked it.

The woman turned, not catching sight of me as she continued pacing. The side of her face hit me like a slap to my own. Big lashes, small upturned nose. All of it was beyond attractive. Yes.

But it was her lips . . . dear God, those lips.

I remembered them wrapping around her fingers as she sucked that olive into her mouth.

I’d never seen lips like that in my life. My own lips parted in surprise, air rushing out. It took me a few seconds to realize that the pounding I heard in my ears was my heart. It roared in my chest, pummeling blood through my veins.

I took a step back, panting with shock and sheer hunger.

This was the closest I’d ever been to her and I was seconds from doing something insane.

The beauty before me continued, still oblivious to my existence. An existence that now felt like it was being somehow consumed by her. “You made me get all ready and now you’re leaving me hanging.” She stomped her foot in her frustration. “I didn’t even want to come out tonight. Yeah, well, you told me, ‘Liv, get sexy as fuck, we’re going out.’ So what did I do? I did my hair . . . yes, I straightened out my hair for your ass. I even got waxed. Of course I got everything waxed . . . I know my pussy’s not for you. No, I wasn’t hoping to hook up with someone tonight, you insufferable shrew. Point is: you told me to be here and be sexy while doing it and now you’re leaving me hanging!”

What the fuck was I listening to?

She was hyper, aggressive. Probably as wild as I originally envisioned her. The complete antithesis of everyone I’d ever dated in my life.

And worst of all? I had a name now. Liv.

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