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Breaking The Rules Episode 16

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“Calum, I need you to answer a question truthfully for me,” she whispered, pressing herself against me right as the elevator doors closed behind us.

I opened my mouth, unsure what I was going to say. Liv bit her lip, leaned in and pressed her lips against my own. She didn’t even give me time to think before I felt her tongue connecting with mine.

My free hand was instantly on her. Everywhere. Just like that night in the bar.

A roar was building in the back of my head. I could hear it. Could she hear it, too? I didn’t know how I ended up with my back against the wall. Didn’t remember much past the pounding desire that abused every cell in my body.

I barely held onto the bottle of wine I’d bought.

My whole body sang from how perfect she felt. So good. Her scent made my stomach clench. I heard myself snarling as I pulled away. Liv’s little hand was nothing less than vicious as she clawed at my shoulder.

The man in me purred with triumph. My nymph answered me with a whimper, the kind that made my thighs quake. My blood was hot—abusive through my tortured veins. Having her in my arms again was almost . . . holy. A part of my soul felt too open.


It was like I was watching my spirit being shackled, the collar of its imprisonment tight and unforgiving.

My fingers dug into her ass. I knew it had to be painful, but I couldn’t stop myself. I held her still and pressed my stiff cock against her, desperate for relief.

Desperate for her.

We were in the middle of the hallway, anyone could see us, and still I couldn’t stop.

I moaned, licking her jaw and biting it. Liv gasped, the sound needy. “Baby, I need you,” I admitted, begging her in the simplest way I could. I was in hell. Only she could save me. Release me from this prison that she’d cruelly thrown me into.

You'll never be free. Never. She feels too good.

I almost groaned, knowing it was true. That it was hopeless. I’d been trapped. There was no way out. Not even after having her. After that, it’d only be worse. I felt it in my bones.

It still wasn’t going to stop me from having her. Over and over and fucking over.

“Fuck, I need you, too,” Liv gasped into my ear.

I licked my way down to her throat, my vision almost gone. The sensations were taking over.

I didn’t have much time before—

The elevator doors opened.

Liv pulled away, leaving us both panting. A lady walked out of the second elevator, her eyes turning toward us for a second.

“We need to get inside my apartment.” Liv’s free hand latched onto my collar again, pulling me forward with enough force to make us both stumble.

She let go of me long enough to open the door we’d been next to. The moment it was open, she clawed at my shirt again, pulling me in after her.

I was more than happy to let her drag me inside. I was too horny to even contemplate fighting her.

Liv dropped the flowers on the entryway table. She turned and plucked the wine bottle I was holding and placed it on the table, as well.

I barely had enough time to get a glimpse of the apartment we’d stepped into before her lips were on mine, her tongue nothing short of ravenous as she thrust it into my mouth.

I gave everything I had to that kiss, clawing at her clothes—

When she pulled apart again, her internal struggle played out across her face. How hard she was battling her need for me.

But why? Why did she stop?

I didn’t have to wonder for long.

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