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Breaking The Rules Episode 15

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“No. I’m not into that,” I answered, stopping right before the fridge and running a hand through my hair.

“What are you into then?”

I leaned into my fridge, pressing my burning forehead into the cool steel. “Guy and girl, obviously.”

Liv’s tone was amused and . . . breathless? “Obviously. But what type?”

“Rough.” I groaned out in disbelief. What was happening? Where was this line of questioning heading?

“Rough,” Liv repeated, a rough timbre inside of the word.

Heat flared, threatening my lucidity. My cock hardened inside my jeans, a painful shaft that begged for attention.

“What kind of rough?” she asked.

The cold steel pressed against my forehead was doing nothing to cool my skin down. “Liv . . . what . . .”

“Tell me, Calum. I’m dying of curiosity. And from imagining you watching it. Do you make yourself come when you do?”

The girl was trying to fucking kill me. Why else would she be asking me those things in that tone of voice?

Part of me was too embarrassed to answer her questions. The other part was having a hard time even forming a response as my blood boiled. “Yes.” The word left me on a harsh exhale. I didn’t even realize I’d responded until I heard a breathless little moan.

Oh, fuck. God, I thought, grinding my teeth and squeezing my eyes shut. Too much. I can’t do this. Another breathless sound reached me and I nearly slammed my head through the fridge. “L–Liv?” My chest hurt from how hard my heart was beating.

She half-groaned, half-whimpered. “Fuck. I’m imagining you touching yourself.”

“Liv. I . . . fuck.” I gave into my curiosity, the haze increasing and dragging me under. “Do you?”

“All the fucking time.”

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