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Breaking The Rules Episode 13

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Cornering Livana at that event had been a colossal mistake.

On many levels.

Tasting her pussy before she was ready to even date me had led me into a brand new, mentally disturbing pit of hell.

She had been all I could think about since the moment I laid eyes on her.

Now? Now I could barely function. Could barely focus. Lucas was riding my ass hard, unused to taking the reins of the company for such extended periods of time. As he loved to throw in my face lately, he was the fun-loving brother who existed to do his part for the business, then run off to enjoy his free time however he chose. OT wasn’t his purview, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Me being a mess due to a woman wasn’t what he qualified as “necessary”.

Women. That’s what my brother was angry about.

He was missing his harem of willing partners.

At least, that’s what I chose to believe. It was better than imagining my brother using is free time to chase the young intern that he watched like an unhinged predator every time he came into my office.

Then again, Lucas going after Janelle’s daughter shouldn’t be any of my business. Not when I found myself once again fighting that maddening urge to head to Livana’s building.

Blow my cover as her stalker.

Knock on her door and demand that she stop running from this.

We’d spoken over text in the two weeks since Margaret’s event, yet her guard was back in place and nothing I did broke through. Last night, I’d had enough of the games and I’d called her.

Our conversation had played on repeat in my mind all fucking night and day.

Livana didn’t state it in blunt terms, but it was obvious that the intensity between us scared her.

The speed this was moving in scared her.

My recently ended engagement scared her, although my ex-fiance had officially gotten married four days ago in a “whirlwind” wedding that seemed hastily planned to everyone within society.

Of course it was. Diane lost one potential cash cow, although my demands for a pre-nup assured I could never be such a thing to her.

She had to move fast to secure her new source of wealth.

Extra wealth, I should’ve said.

Liv had to know deep down that I didn’t give a damn about my ex, yet the insecurity lingered. It festered. It hadn’t even been a month since I saw her, the night Diane broke up with me, and something told me that Livana was as unwilling to share me as I was with her.

I wouldn’t allow another man in her mind. Her heart. It didn’t matter that her heart and psyche were supposed to be her own, I would find a way to hold dominion over her soul. Her body.

If she felt an ounce of what I felt, of course she was worried about me being hung up over Diane.

Normal men would be. At least the ones that claimed and believed to love their exes. Which I’d done with Diane. Just like she’d done with me.

We had both proven ourselves to be filthy liars, but I wasn’t sure how I would’ve looked Liv in the eye if I let that be fully known to her.

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