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Breaking The Rules Episode 12

Read episode 12 here:

We kissed like two demons possessed, all teeth and tongue. Our hips crashed and rolled against each other. Hands roamed, desperate to tear at clothes.

Breaths mingled.

Bodies strained.

“I need to be inside you,” I confessed in a rough whisper, although it wasn’t a secret to her. I’d told her within minutes of officially meeting her that night at the bar.

“God, yes. Please,” she whimpered into my mouth.

I reached between us, hands fumbling with my belt buckle—

Laughter rang out close to us.

Too close.

Then, a feminine voice: “Anyone seen Liv? She needs to hear this!”

We froze, chests racing.

Wide eyes locked on each other’s.

Slowly, Liv raised a finger to her lips.

My entire body raged, but I knew the truth of what was happening.

We were about to be caught.

If I didn’t let her go and put distance between us, we were going to be busted long before we even had a chance to explore each other and see where this went.

I knew damn well where I wanted it to go; the terror in Livana’s eyes told me she wasn’t ready.

Not for discovery.

Not for what I wanted.

Attraction and sex were one thing, but this girl wasn’t ready for the seriousness of my desires.

Desires I shouldn’t even be having about her, yet there was no stopping or denying them.

Walking away from her with my dick on the verge of exploding would kill a piece of my sanity, but I had to.

Because I wanted her, and I wanted her for more than just fucking.

And I still had to convince her of that.

Gritting my teeth, I put distance between our lower bodies, although our foreheads still touched. “I’m going to go around that side of the boulder”—I pointed toward my left, in the opposite direction I came from—“and eventually you can go back the other way.”

“Okay,” Liv mumbled, and the disappointment in her tone almost made me smile.

I pressed my lips to hers in a hard, parting kiss. “This isn’t over between us, Liv. Remember that.”

“Don’t think I’ll ever forget you snatching my soul out of my body with that tongue, big guy.”

God, I fucking wanted her.

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