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Breaking The Rules Episode 10

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This was how it always ended up. We tried to keep our conversations innocent enough, but simply hearing each other’s voices turned us on. “I’m not trying to flirt. I’m just being honest.” I hit the turn signal and began merging toward the right lane. “And, even then, not fully.”

“What does that mean? ‘Not fully’?”

“Just that I’m behaving a lot more than I want to.”

Even above the sound of waves crashing, I heard her sharp intake of breath. “I shouldn’t ask again: but what does that mean?”

“That I’m only being honest up to a point. There’s a lot I’m keeping to myself.”

“Like what?”

My dick throbbed painfully. I could feel the slick head rubbing against my boxers. A fucking problem. I couldn’t walk into this wine tasting with my cock hard as fuck.

It was also an inevitability. Just knowing she would be there, unknowingly waiting for me, had me worked up and ready to go.

“Don’t ask questions like that, Liv. I doubt you want me to go into detail about how I’m dying to have you grinding your pussy on my mouth.”

Jesus.” Her whimper exploded through me.

I almost slammed my hand into the steering wheel. Up ahead, the exit for Main Street off the Montauk Highway catched my attention.

Almost there. Almost there . . .

“You’re right”—her breaths raced, loud enough to be heard through the phone—“I can’t handle hearing things like that.”

“It gets worse. The things I want . . .”

“You make it so hard to stay away from you.”

“Then don’t. I’m with you on this.” I sped off the highway exit.

“Fuck, I actually wish I was with you right now.” She sighed, clearly still struggling to catch her breath. “I’ve got to go. I need to pull myself together before anyone sees me.”

“Okay, I understand,” I said, instead of confessing what was really on my mind.

“Bye, Calum.” Her voice was small, needy.

“I’ll talk to you later, Liv. Bye.”

She hung up the call.

I raced down the road. According to the GPS, I was only two minutes away.

Almost there. I’m coming for you, baby.

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