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Breaking The Rules Episode 1

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Pale, blonde hair fell over those shoulders, all the way to the curve of her waist.

I’d never paid attention to any blonde like this—it’d usually been brunettes for me—but this one definitely had my attention at the moment.

No. She more than had it. She’d stolen it. Commanded it. Was perverting it beyond my recognition.

Her cornflower blue eyes twinkled in the lights with her smile.

I wasn’t imagining her laughing.

I was imagining those eyes staring up at me as she took my dick in her mouth.

Teeth grinding at the image, I tried to stifle the infernal sense of panic that was starting to blossom.

What was this?

What was happening?

I’d never gotten this hard simply from looking at a woman. Thirty-three years old, and the sight of her was doing things to me I’d never experienced before.

“And, as I already said, as hard as this is, I just think it has to be done. It’s time.”

I dragged my gaze away from the woman across the restaurant—the woman that was clearly in the middle of seducing her date—and tried to focus on my own.

My date.

My partner.

My . . . fiancé.

Except, if I truly processed what she’d been saying, I was pretty sure she was trying to tell me she didn’t want to be that anymore.

Diane sat across from me at the table, and I was sure that her expression was supposed to be conveying heartache.

Perhaps concern.

Yet, there was something off about it.

Not that I studied her for too long. My attention was dragged right back to that blonde across the restaurant.

She was still laughing with the black haired man seated next to her. I couldn’t make out his face, and I didn’t care to.

I hated him.

In a way I had no business hating him.

I’d never been aggressive enough to steal a woman from another man, but at that moment, I was two seconds from getting out of this chair.

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