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In a world where an unrequited mating unleashes a lethal force that consumes its victims, Ismini's life hangs in the balance, trapped between the love she craves and the death that looms.


Abruptly taken from her normal existence on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Ismini Harrovnian is thrust into a reality where dimensions beyond her wildest dreams intertwine, and where gods reign with both power and anguish.


An ancient promise binds her fate—a promise made by Dyletri, the God of Lust, who lost the woman he loved eons ago. In his grief-fueled desperation, he agreed to sacrifice Ismini in the distant future.


As Ismini grapples with her new reality, she is confronted by a shocking revelation—she carries a mysterious illness that defies all explanation. But what she believes to be a rare ailment is something far more deadly. She is mated to none other than Dyletri himself, the very deity who plans to end her life to reunite with his lost love. 


Dyletri, once resolute in his determination to fulfill his promise, begins to show signs of the same illness that grips Ismini. As the lines between captor and captive blur, they find themselves united by a bond that defies reason and challenges the very fabric of their worlds.


Can they overcome the barriers of their circumstances and find a way to thwart the impending sacrifice? Or will their burgeoning love lead them down a path of devastation?


This is a spicy, fated mates dark fantasy/ paranormal romance with a flawed anti-hero, a strong heroine, and is the first in a massive world-building series that features a complex cast of characters. This series explores mature themes that might not be for everyone, and every book gets darker than the last. Only suitable for readers 18+. Although this book ends in a cliffhanger, this couple's story is resolved, and each book in the series features a brand new couple.

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