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Ianthen, the God of the Hunt, has borne a curse that has haunted him for millennia—a prophecy foretelling his death at the hands of the woman he would come to love. But when a chance encounter in a dream brings him face-to-face with an alluring female, he realizes that his time might have just run out… 


Soleria de Leon, a powerful witch who senses the hidden currents of the universe, finds herself thrust into a world she wasn’t truly prepared for. Desperate to rescue her lost friends, she dives too deep into the spiritual realm, looking for any sign of them…only to trigger an inexplicable connection to a godly being, instead. 


Ianthen's fear of the prophecy leads him to commit an unforgivable betrayal, shattering the fragile trust between him and Soleria. When tragedy strikes and the enemy ends her life, she is resurrected in  a form no one could have anticipated—a half-breed brimming with untamed power. 


As she grapples with her newfound abilities, Ianthen races against time to earn back Soleria's trust. The male who once pushed her away must now prove himself worthy of her love, even as he faces the wrath of rivals who seek her heart.


But will Ianthen be able to break through her defenses before the unmated males in the kingdom attack? Or will the unrequited mating claim his life, fulfilling the prophecy, before he has a chance to earn his female back?


This is a spicy, rejected mates to lovers dark fantasy/ paranormal romance with a domineering anti-hero, a heroine that gives new meaning to the term "strong", and a mistake that the hero will go to any lengths to rectify. This series explores mature themes that might not be for everyone, and every book gets darker than the last. Only suitable for readers 18+. Although this book ends in a cliffhanger, this couple's story is resolved, and each book in the series features a brand new couple.

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Ryze Series

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